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Must-Haves for Breastfeeding Moms

January 20, 2020

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Since giving birth to tanner and going through my second postpartum season, I’ve found new favorites for breastfeeding and healing. A few of these are favorites from my first round but most are new that didn’t exist or I didn’t know about. So let’s get to it:

Motherhood Maternity sleeping bras. You’ll want to size up due to engorgement.

Jockey Modal Tanks. I’m not a fan of “nursing” tops with bras built in. I love these lightweight undershirts because they are perfect for pulling down from the top and layering under any top. I can lift my top up and easily nurse while keeping my mid-drift covered.

Gap Sculpt Compression Leggings with a high waist (helps get that postpartum belly down while helping me feel “together”).

Belly bandit. This helps compress your muscles and heals your abs faster.

Silver Nipple Shields. These are absolutely magic. They heal and soothe within hours and completely replaced nipple cream. Well worth the splurge and makes nursing so much easier. Trust me and You’re welcome.

Freemie Breast Pumps have made pumping so much easier. Unlike other wireless pumps, freemie pumps allow me to pump up to 8 oz in each cup and the pump can work with other systems (so I can also use my medela bottles and shields if I want). It’s also extremely affordable compared to other competitors and clean up is a breeze. It’s extremely quiet, allows you to be mobile and the cups fit in the sleeping bras under a normal shirt making it awesome for pumping in public without anyone knowing. 

I’ve loved the products from Legendairy Milk. I use the organic sunflower lecithin when I start getting clogged ducts and it’s stopped mastitis from developing. They’ve given my clients a 15% discount as well: SARALYNN15

Bamboobies cloth breast pads are still a favorite. My Freshly Picked diaper bag is sill in amazing shape and allows me to stay organized with two kiddos. Lastly, this nursing coverup apron makes nursing Tanner so much easier and has helped during the times when he gets easily distracted out in public.

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