What is your Pricing?
You can find my Pricing Here. To book, fill out my contact form

Do you work with a second photographer?
For weddings and events, I have grips/assistants that will help me with setting up lights, moving around furniture, changing out film, carrying bags and countless other tasks I simply cannot do on while I'm photographing; however these grips are not photographers. If your collection does not come with an additional photographer, you do have the option to add one on.

Where are you located?
I live in Littleton, Colorado and travel internationally to photograph events and portrait sessions.

How long have you been in business and how many weddings have you photographed?
I've been photographing professionally for over ten years. I was formally trained on film and received my Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of South Dakota and have been self-employed, full time for six+ years. Since starting, I have photographed an average of 15-20 weddings per year.

Can we pay you after the Wedding?
No, I require a non-refundable retainer and the rest of the total due 30 days before the event date. Overtime the day-of, Prints or Products that aren't included in the original wedding agreement can be added on and paid for after.

If I need to cancel or move my wedding date, is the retainer refundable?
The Retainer is non-refundable. If you are moving dates and would like to re-book me, a fee will be required to make up for the loss of business, if I'm available for that date. The full policy is included in the wedding agreement, which you can review before signing.

Are you Insured and can you provide a Certificate of Insurance for my venue?
I am insured and would be happy to provide the venue this document, however I need at least a three month notice to do so.

How do we book you? Do you hold dates?
I require a signed agreement and a non-refundable retainer (portrait sessions are due in full when booking). I'm unable to hold dates until I've received both the retainer and agreement.

If we're running late on our wedding day, do you stay later and keep photographing?
If you are running a few minutes late, I'm happy to stay to document what is left. However, if you are running an hour or more behind, we can discuss the options. Staying later means extra costs like overtime, film, wages for my assistants and even parking fees. Extra photography coverage per hour may be needed but I will always speak with you or your planner when our time is up, let you know we are leaving for the day and see if you would like to have anything else photographed.

What if you get ill or die?
Unfortunately, life happens and yes, I wouldn't be able to photograph your wedding day if I passed or ended up in the hospital. With that said, I've built up a network of close friends that are also professional photographers and know that they would be happy to step in and take care of you. I also have a back-up plan that family members can follow in case something tragic were to happen to me. If I get sick with a cold, I still work as most professionals do.

Can we provide you with a "Shot List"?
My clients trust me and give me the freedom to create a beautiful, curated story told through the eye of my lens. Shot Lists tend to hinder the creativity and stop the flow. With that said, I meet with my clients before the event and we talk about who we would like to have photographed for family formals. This is the only "Shot List" I use as every family is different and comes with special circumstances that I want to be sensitive too. I never guarantee a shot or a set of images. 

Can you define your Style?
I am a fine art, creative romantic portrait photographer that specializes in natural light and film techniques. My work is romantic, grainy and mixes editorial with candid lifestyle. The colors and lines are soft and features a pastel color palette. I love photographing my clients sneaking in kisses, holding hands, raw tears of joy or boisterous laughs and telling a curated story of your day through photographs.

What is a hybrid photographer?
I photograph using film and digital capture. I don't guarantee a percentage amount to be used but I love to use both whenever possible. I see film and digital as tools for creating an image in my head and I believe there's a specific tool for to achieve a certain look.

What does Fine Art mean?
I am an artist. I was formally trained on film and taught basic principles of composition, lighting and color. I curate my work and photograph in a manner that tells my clients' stories in a beautiful, romantic and editorial way. Fine Art means you're receiving a highly curated, well-composed story through the art of photography.

How long will it take to see our photographs?
Please allow 6 weeks for your photograph to be delivered in your proofing gallery when it's at the peak busy season, however many clients have received their gallery in less time.

What are Printing Rights and Copyrights?
Printing rights allows clients to print and share their images with family via social media, but you are unable to sell them for profit, submit to publications or claim ownership. Copyright is the legal binding term claiming ownership of the image, which I keep. By keeping the copyright, I am able to protect the images if they are stolen and used without consent by another company. Credit should always be given to your photographer when sharing the images for personal use.

Can we get our images in Black and White and Color?
The images I deliver are final. Some images are best shown in Black and White and some best in Color. I'm unable to change an image to color if it is presented in Black and White.

Why do you require a wedding planner?
I require a full-plan or day-of wedding planner to help keep you and your guests on time and make sure that you, the client, are put first and that your interests are protected - venue and catering coordinators are not with you the entire wedding day and are there to keep their company's operations running smooth. The entire event (from getting ready with your MUA to making sure your get-away vehicle is on-time) is kept on-time and stress-free because of your planner.

What gear do you use?
I use professional quality Canon camera bodies and lenses. I also own several different new and vintage film cameras. I also have an array of strobe and continuous lighting that I implement in non-natural lit rooms or at night.

How many pictures will we receive?
This depends on the amount of hours I'm hired for and the subject matter. On average, I photograph about 50-80 images per hour.

Do we get to print our pictures on our own?
Yes, you receive high resolution digital images in a JPEG format. I don't guarantee quality when you print on your own. You receive printing rights as I keep the Copyright to my photographs.

Do you offer discounts for off-season, non-Saturday weddings or Military?
I do not offer discounts. The time and costs put into every wedding remains the same (whether it's a Tuesday or a Saturday) and because of that, discounts aren't available.

Do you bring your own Lighting?
Yes, however, I am a natural light photographer, which means 80% of my work is using the natural light from the sun (outdoors, window light, etc). Keep in mind that many ceremony venues have restrictions on flash, in which case, I work with the ambient lighting provided. After the sun sets, I utilize both flash and continuous lighting techniques.

What is your travel fee?
Events and Portrait Sessions 1 hour within the Denver Metro does not have a travel fee. Anything outside that requires a $25 per driving hour for each photographer or flights+hotel stay is required for each team member.

I'm having a destination wedding. Do you Travel?
Yes, many of the weddings I photograph are outside of Colorado. Please know that flights and hotel accommodations for three-four days is required so that any required location scouting can be done.

What are planning consults?
I like to meet with each of my wedding clients twice before the wedding day to start a rough-draft photography timeline and formals list and the second meeting to finalize this information. These consults are focused on photography and making sure we get the appropriate time needed for each portion of the wedding day.

Do you have any recommendations for hair or makeup artists?
Yes. I'm happy to recommend professionals as needed.

How far in advanced do you book?
I book portraits typically one month in advanced and weddings are typically booked on average, one year in advanced.

I heard about Tangible Prints/Books/Boxes. What is all the fuss about?
Ten, twenty, even 100 years down the road, when you have passed away, how would you like your children's children to tell your story? I believe in printing your photographs and having a tangible product you can touch to pass down generation to generation. My prints are archival and professional quality and I offer everything from proof boxes, curated story books to framed prints with my signature.

Do we need to feed you and your assistants at the reception?
Yes, it would be greatly appreciated. It's difficult to photograph with shaky hands while hungry. We don't expect the same meals as guests; a simple sandwich, fruit/veggies and water is perfect. We do bring snacks with us to keep our energy up throughout the day but a meal is always appreciated.

What do you and your team wear to weddings/events?
I like to wear dresses, usually black or navy, with leggings and flats, or button downs with dress slacks. If it's a more casual or colorful event, we will plan to wear outfits accordingly. The goal is to look professional, clean, stylish/hip, be weather appropriate and still blend in so we aren't noticed by guests.

Have you photographed at "XYZ" venue?
There are thousands of venues just in Colorado alone, let alone nationwide (and internationally) and if I haven't photographed there, I love to do a site visit with your planner/you before the day arrives, if at all possible - or at least attend the rehearsal where the ceremony will be held. I adapt well to new environments and always come fully prepared for any situation.

Can we keep every image (even the out-takes) and the Raw?
No, I'm hired to create a curated, well-composed story that has a fine art, creative romantic feel. I don't offer RAW or include out takes and I also don't archive these images in the studio, which means they aren't available for purchase.

I'm a photographer and would love to learn from you. Do you offer mentor sessions or workshops?
That is great! The best way to learn is to shadow photographers you admire. I did this ten years ago and it's what launched my business and elevated my art. A one-on-one, 1 hour Facetime mentor session is $250 - ask me anything, have me review and critique, gear questions, etc. A one-on-one styled workshop where you photograph next to me starts at $2,000. Two hours of a mini-styled portrait session catered to help you grow, learn and expand your portfolio. Email me at saralynnphoto@live.com to book and schedule.



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